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Time Tracking Costs; Payroll and Employee Claims

Fundamental to any business’s success is understanding the trade-off between time and costs. When it comes to calculating time tracking costs associated with any job, you never want to guess and guess wrong. Let Huntington Group help you accurately calculate time tracking costs; payroll, and employee claims.

When implemented correctly, time tracking can be an incredibly beneficial tool that can help your business become more efficient. Time tracking allows you to better keep track of your employees’ time spent working on projects or with clients. This can not only show you which areas of your business are the most productive and which slow your team down; time tracking can also impact the way that you do payroll. Huntington Group can help your business implement and record effective time tracking processes that seamlessly carry over to help you more accurately handle payroll and employee claims.

With Huntington Group you will be better equipped to:

  • Identify areas of high and low productivity

  • Spot areas to capitalize on productivity

  • Identify opportunities to improve workflow

  • Accurately estimate costs associated with projects  

  • Recognize and reward high performance and promotion opportunities

  • Most importantly: Record and analyze financial data for future strategy decisions such as budgeting and cash forecasting

Time Tracking Costs; Payroll and Employee Claims

Project Management and Profitability Analysis

In order to effectively manage payroll as well as current and future projects, you need to have a clear understanding of how much time is spent by your employees on tasks, clients, and aspects of individual projects.

This can help you better understand which clients, product lines, or client personnel are the most profitable and which are the most costly and detrimental to your company. This is especially the case if you have employees in the field or out of the office. Accurate time tracking allows you to better manage projects and enables Huntington Group to deliver you with the most accurate profitability analyses and financial strategies. 

Time Tracking Costs and Payroll

At Huntington Group, we offer time tracking cost services that can help you automate payroll time sheets. In addition to measuring and improving productivity in the workplace, time sheets allow you and your employees to record how much time they have spent hard at work. This is the most accurate solution to ensure that your employees receive compensation that accurately reflects how much time they spent on a specific project. Contact Huntington Group today to schedule a consultation.