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Mortgage Tracking and Reconciliation

Whether you are a homeowner, property or business owner with a monthly mortgage payment to make, it is important to stay on top of each payment. Mortgage tracking and reconciliation by Huntington Group can help you better manage monthly mortgage payments.

While we would like mortgage errors to be few and far between, banks and individuals alike are prone to making mistakes and losing track of mortgage payments. These errors can be very costly if discrepancies go unnoticed. In order to catch these errors, it is crucial that you reconcile your monthly mortgage payments. At Huntington Group, our expert bookkeepers, accountants, and CPA can help ensure that each one of your payments is properly allocated into principal, interest, and escrow.  

Mortgage and Loan Tracking

While many people put a lot of trust into banks and mortgage lenders to not make mistakes when it comes to your mortgage, the reality is that bank employees are only human and mistakes do happen. One of the many mistakes that can happen with mortgage payments occurs when the balance of a loan is sold to another lender or when a bank is absorbed by another entity: This could mean that the remaining balance of the loan may come into question and be disputed for accuracy. At Huntington Group, we keep track of each one of your monthly mortgage payments and your amortization schedule.

Huntington Mortgage Tracking and Reconciliation

Reconcile Mortgage Payments

Once your mortgage payments have been tracked and logged, it is important to reconcile your payments from one month to another. At Huntington Group, we gather all of your bills, statements, check the starting and ending balance, check the results against the interest rate, and balance the statements. If we find any discrepancies, we will notify you and dispute the errors with your lender. 

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Whether you are an individual seeking to keep better track of your mortgage and loan payments or a lender looking to identify opportunities to improve operations and create additional revenue streams, Huntington Group is here to make mortgage tracking and reconciliation as easy and stress-free as possible. Contact us today, let’s discuss.