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Bookkeeping Services in Las Vegas

Huntington Group, LLC is a widely respected bookkeeping firm offering a full range of financial services for both businesses and individuals. We offer customized solutions to make professional bookkeeping services affordable for every type of business, big and small. We make a point of getting to know our clients. Then we develop a customized plan to meet their individual needs.

Contact us at (702) 800-7307 for more information about our bookkeeping services, which include:

Accounts Payable (Bills and Payments)
Accounts Receivable (Invoices and Collection)
Daily General Ledger Maintenance
Payroll Processing
Sales Commissions
Invoice/Order Processing
Intercompany Payables
Bank Reconciliation (Including Documentation and Liaison with Banks)
Manual Journal Entry/Data Entry
Vendor Reconciliation
Credit Card Tracking and Reconciliation
1099 Preparation/Filing

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Bookkeeping for Individuals, Small Businesses, and Midsize Entities

Huntington Group offers a wide variety of Bookkeeping Las Vegas services that are tailored to serve individuals, small businesses, and corporations alike. Our team of expert financial managers have overseen all financial aspects associated with owning and operating even the most complex business projects.

Huntington Group Bookkeeping Services

Accounts Payable and Receivable

For a business to meet its financial goals, it needs to have an effective accounts payable and receivable process. Optimize your working capital by enabling greater savings, and improve supplier relationships by implementing transparent invoicing and timely collections. Huntington Group helps small businesses and midsize enterprises alike transform their accounts payable processes, manage cash flow smarter, and create greater value for the business.

Data Entry and Daily Ledger Maintenance

At Huntington Group, we handle the recording and posting of transactions necessary for your business to process payroll each month. We handle everything from transactions to employee tax withholdings and wage rates to ensure that net pay is calculated correctly. We maintain source documents such as receipts, invoices, and other documents that record business activity. Maintaining your daily general ledgers is important to ensure a company’s accurate documentation of accounts.

Payroll Processing and Sales Commissions

Manage payroll and employee benefits, and submit quarterly payroll tax deposits. We simplify the most complex payroll functions to give you back your valuable free time while ensuring that your employee’s compensation is handled correctly. Huntington Group will track, manage, and compensate your employees for their sales. Our team of financial professionals will keep track of all sales commissions to make sure that your employees are always paid the correct amount.

Invoice Order Processing and Intercompany Payables

Intercompany payables are increasingly common. Keep separate and organized records of any intercompany transactions to ensure that both entities have accurate records for every account.

Bank Reconciliations

Your financial records and documentation are worthless if they are not accurate. Reconciliations are also used to confirm the reliability of a company’s accounting records. Huntington Group can help balance your business’s transactions by aligning your account with your expenses.

Let’s Work Together.

Whether you’re a startup or a multimillion-dollar company, we’re confident we can serve your financial accounting needs. Drop us a line, and let’s discuss.